Girls’ Generation – Diamond

Taeyeon | Jessica | Sunny | Tiffany | Hyoyeon | Yuri | Sooyoung | Yoona | Seohyun

When the snow begins to fly
Above the smokey smokey sky
You came along like a snowflake
and brightened up my day

There is just one thing I need on this snowy winter day
Call me a fool to love you but, I want nothing but you

All I have to hear is your voice, the one that brings me joy
and your warmth slowly wraps around my heart, Boy can’t you see

The lights are shining on me and it’s like a diamond
I’m spinning around, rocking around, like a diamond
That’s because I’m filled with emotions

Everybody is waiting for the holidays
Candies and toys of silver trails
There is one thing special
Boy, you are my present

There is just one thing I need on this snowy winter day
Call me a fool to love you but, I want nothing but you

All I have to hear is your voice, the one that brings me joy
and your warmth slowly wraps around my heart, Boy can’t you see

The lights are shining on me and it’s like a diamond
I’m spinning around, rocking around, like a diamond
That’s because I’m filled with emotions
That’s because I’m filled with emotions

You’re shining, You’re gleaming
Oh~ you melt me like white snow

You’re shining, You’re gleaming
and your warmth slowly wraps around my heart, Boy can’t you see

The lights are shining on me and it’s like a diamond
I’m spinning around, rocking around, like diamonds (To your heart~)

The lights are shining on me and it’s like a diamond
I’m spinning around, rocking around, like a diamond
That’s because I’m filled with emotions
That’s because I’m filled with emotions


Lyrics edited by me! Colour coding by me!
So if you take these lyrics, please credit me here!



43 thoughts on “Girls’ Generation – Diamond

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  3. Tiny corrections:
    Taeyeon and Sunny say “snowy” not “snow”.
    And I think Seohyun, Yuri and Taeyeon sing “Boy” instead of “Oh”
    And again Hyoyeon has the least lines and sings last :`(. Why is she always so neglected :(. But she does sound very cute and good :D.
    The colorcoding seems correct and I love this song :).

    • Oh and another tiny correction:
      It should be: “Oh~ you melt me like white snow oh~” instead of “Oh~ you make me melt like snow”

  4. i don’t understand why they always choose yuri to sing more, out of the 4 main dancers. i mean, i don’t wanna be biased, but i think sooyoung is a much better singer. i love yuri to death, i really do, but when she sings live, i’m sorry but she’s mostly out of tune. maybe SM needs to clean up their ears?

      • Yuri is the best singer? Hahaha you make me LOLed much Tom. Do you know that Sooyoung’s basic is a singer, and she had debuted far before she became an SNSD member? I don’t want to insult Yuri, but maybe because of this “popularity” makes Yuri sings more than Soo. Hence, Sunny mostly get on the lower rank in case of popularity but she still sings more, and truth to be told most of SNSD’s The Boys live, Sunny’s voice is terribly horrible. She’s out of the tune mostly, and I still don’t get it why SM puts her as one of the main vocalist. Like Laura said, maybe SM should clean their ear, and Soo is definitely the 3rd best at english.

        • thank you. finally, someone who agrees with me. and i completely agree with sunny too, but i got a big discussion because of sunny once, and i don’t want to repeat again. many people don’t respect my own opniion, i said that sunny should’t be a lead vocalist and i got extremely bashed because of that. but you’re different from the others, thank you so much

          • Have you heard Sunny sing? She’s amazing. Easily in the top 5. Better than any of the lead dancers. And I’m not trying to insult them because HyoYeon and SooYoung are my biases. But seriously, Sunny singing high notes is like heaven on Earth. Its purer than Jessica’s and TaeYeon’s. Sica’s and Tae’s are powerful, but Sunny’s are sweet and pure.

    • Well to be honest Yuri has a more special voice compared to the others (thats why we always mix up sooyoung with the ohters, she blends too much in), which we have much less with yuri.
      Besides even if yuri doesn’t sing better she is favorited just like yoona. Yuri had many lines and was almost always first in their first album. That’s why my bias Hyoyeon always gets the least lines (just look her she was last and got the most tiny line) , even though can sing better and has a more special voice (but sadly the popularity of Yoona wins).

    • IDK if you’ve heard them all sing ballads. Sooyoung maybe better at English but Yuri is more stable. I’ve seen them live 5 times, don’t tell me I’m also deaf. Sunny on the other can spectacularly deliver a ballad and can put much emotion into a song more than Sooyoung and Yuri, so her spot as one of the lead vocals is well deserved. I was in awe when I heard them perform Danny Boy.

  5. Well, maybe Yuri got one more than the dancers here, but in The Boys album, Sooyoung did. Imo, I think they’re the two best singers of the dancers, with Sooyoung being better than Yuri, but hey that’s me. Although, I think Sooyoung should’ve gotten “and your warmth slowly wraps around my heart, Oh can’t you see”, since she is a better english speaker.

  6. I’d say Hyoyeon and Yuri > Sooyoung and Yoona in terms of vocal talent.

    Sooyoung’s voice is probably one of the weakest, on par with Yoona’s. But it is definitely one of the more distinguishable ones of the group, and my favorite because of its soft, pleasant sound (shame she usually only gets a single short line in every song).

    Now Hyoyeon’s singing does not get the credit it deserves. I’d say her voice is the strongest of the four dancers, even if she tends to go off-key when live.

    Compare Yoona/Sooyoung’s voice to Hyoyeon/Yuri’s:

    I doubt SM gives a damn about Hyoyeon’s voice, though, since they couldn’t even fathom giving their least favorite member more than one line.

    • Sooyoung<Hyoyeon/Yuri = HUGE MISTAKE. If Sooyoung's voice is worse than Hyo/Yuri, how could she debuted as a vocal group in Japan? Sooyoung's voice is on par with the main vocalists, even her voice is better than Sunny on some degrees. To be honest, for me Sunny's voice in "Echo" is bad enough, even main dancers voice are better to heard than Sunny's. By the way, listen to this song first:

      To be honest though, main dancers vocal abilities are developing far more better than in the previous songs when they debuted. If Soo's voice is worse than Hyo/Yul, how could she get so much adlibs in "The Boys"? Hyo's voice is strong, and easily distinguishable, but she lacks of the ability to become a singer because of her basic is a dancer, the same case with Yuri & Yoona, which makes them easily out of tune in live performances. But fortunately Hyo begins to stand out since The Boys, and hopefully she got more and more lines in future (along with Soo)

      • yeah, that’s the thing. sooyoung WAS a singer before. and it means that she has, by far, more experience then the others. they just don’t give her more lines, cause she’s one of the least popular members, which is clearly unfair. sooyoung’s talent is being wasted, honeslty

        and i agree, i actually think sunny is one of the weakest, but hey, that’s just me. sooyoung sings much better than her from what i hear.

    • The weird thing is that Hyoyeon and Sooyoung are the most popular outside Asia (escpecially in Europe, like me :) ). So it is pretty weird that they notice that fandom overseas. And Yeah that link really proves their skills.
      And to be honest I think Hyoyeon Yuri and Sooyoung are on the same level, but for everyone ranks these girls in a different order, but I think it is safe to say that Yoona is has the least vocal of SNSD, but sadly she is popular so she comes first.

      • Yeah truth to be told. You know, I think that the weakest members of SNSD are Yoona and Sunny. In case of Yoona, her voice is just so-so, can’t be categorized as beautiful. At some degree, her dancing skills are below even the 3rd degree main dancers (1st degree is Dancing Queen Hyoyeon of course, 2nd degree are Yuri and Yoona, 3rd degree are Sooyoung and Seohyun), but sometimes she dances more energetic. But because of her beauty, Yoona is being put in the dance line, because mostly dancers in Boy/Girl groups are the most famous one for their physical appearance. But fortunately Yoona improves a lot, and I still amazed how she sings 2nd line in The Boys after Tae beautifully.

        For Sunny, to be honest she dances worse than most of SNSD. Although Fany does a lot of mistakes, but Fany still dance with more power and facial expressions than Sunny. In this case, just watch Hoot Dance version, and watch Sunny all the time. Sunny can’t dance well, so she is put as the main vocalists line, and voila, she’s the weakest main vocalist. Sunny’s voice is also so-so, and maybe sometimes (sorry if this considered as insulting) sounds disturbing. In live version her voice also goes off-tune quite often. I disagree with the comment that “Soo and Sunny are exchanging parts, with Soo acts pretty, and Sunny acts fierce.” I don’t think Soo acts pretty in the MV, but I also don’t say that Sunny acts all cute things. Maybe Sunny is better at falsetto, but it’s much better without adding aegyo-ness in her falsetto which makes her voice sounds a bit annoying. But yeah, it’s only my opinion.

        About Hyo and Soo being most popular outside Asia, I think it’s true but they’re most popular outside South Korea to be exact. Soo, Tae, Yoon, and Seo are now mostly at the top rank, and Hyo still at the lower rank but not as worst as it was before. Her popularity begins to raise overseas, because fans outside of South Korea see the talent over the beauty, although some still see beauty over talent.

        • I agree. (oh on the popularity there was a screening or a poll or something, but it came out that Hyoyeon was the most popular in Europe).
          Not to offend anyone, but Sunny can be cute, but sometimes too much. And yes her voice can go offtune, but to be true she can sing well often too (like in say yes wow). She is really bad in dancing, but to be honest she got the least training of them all. So she lacks some.

  7. Oh Jo, Seohyun’s line should be: “oh you melt me like white snow oh” (you can hear it and it is in the vid; the line that stands now would not fit in that time limit)

  8. SNSD pretty much sounds like shit live no matter who sings. Most of the girls aren’t strong singers so I don’t know why you all are having this petty argument. 

    It’s nice that you like your favourite but you don’t have to lie and say she should sing more because she’s a great singer. Just say you want more of her instead of bashing other girls who get more time to shine. Idols aren’t that talented anyway for the most part, it’s more about their looks and personality than vocal and dancing talents.

    The producer might like how one girl’s voice sounds or the energy of a certain girl so she gets more lines. Or like Yoona she might be very pretty and they think that promoting her heavily is the best way to go.

    Certain girls in SNSD aren’t a Korean sort of pretty and it’s useless to promote them because someone like Yoona will always be more popular.

    Deal with it. 

    • “SNSD pretty much sounds like shit live no matter who sings. Most of the girls aren’t strong singers so I don’t know why you all are having this petty argument.”

      Oh, shut up. Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Sooyoung, Sunny and Seohyun all sound good live. Yoona/Yuri/Hyo are a bit weaker, yes, but they’re hardly “most” of the group. Sooyoung SHOULD sing more – she’s arguably as strong as Sunny, and she’s the best in Japanese (and third best in English following Tiffany and Jessica), but she gets maybe one or two lines at most.

      Can it with your borderline bashing, ok?

      Also – Sooyoungsters. Bashing Sunny, really? Do you know some antis are now saying Sooyoung is only in SNSD because her family is rich and Lee Soo Man wanted their money? STOP IT with the Sunny bashing. ALL the girls deserve to be in SNSD. End of story.

      • Uh no they don’t. You are delusional. I am a Sone and I can admit this. Their poor singing skills don’t matter to me and I love them regardless. You can be truthful and still like groups, you know!!!!! I wouldn’t change SNSD for the world and I certainly would not kick any member out but I’m not going to go crazy and lie to pretend like I’m a bigger fan or something. It’s silly. You should stop lying to yourself. They aren’t great singers. Deal with it.

  9. I don’t think some of you are thinking of the fact that The Boys is a super energetic dance. The choreography is pretty complicated, compared to other girl groups and requires a lot of movement and energy. So of course it’s difficult to dance and sing. Some of the members can still keep their breath well.

    Jessica actually doesn’t sing on-tune all the time during The Boys because she loses breath. Does this mean she’s a bad singer? No.

    Sunny is actually a good singer. Seriously, have you heard her sing when she’s not jumping and moving around? Her voice is not the weakest, by a long shot. Seriously. Sunny is just not good at keeping her voice steady singing after dancing a lot. A lot of the SNSD members need to work on that. The more athletic members, I suppose you can say, like Sooyoung and Seohyun tend to sound better live because they can handle the dancing and still be able to sing. Not saying that Sunny and Jessica can’t dance, they just need to work on singing and dancing at the same time.

    And Sooyoung is a great singer though, don’t get me wrong. I think she’s the best singer out of the four dancers, but no way is she better than Sunny. There’s no need to bash about who’s a horrible singer and who deserves more lines. It’s life. And support all the girls if you’re a SONE, okay?

  10. Yeah, looking at your guy’s comments. o.o
    Sunny is definitely a better singer than Sooyoung, I can admit this, and Sooyoung’s my bias. She deserves to be a lead vocalist, have you seen her hit an F sharp ? She’s extremely good at high notes as well. Sooyoung is good at high notes too, but when it comes to technique, Sunny is definitely superior. Sooyoung is close on Sunny’s tail however. Sunny being the weakest member is such a ridiculous statement, I can’t even with that. And whoever said Hyoyeon Yuri > Sooyoung Yoona is deaf or something. Hyoyeon is a decent singer, but she is pretty basic in terms of technique, same with Yoona. They sound pleasant, but they’re definitely not great.

    The only thing Sunny does that makes her one of the weakest members LIVE is her agility, which she has gotten better at. Watch The Boys MR removed. Sunny still sounds very good on her parts, idk what some of you are talking about. Her voice is suited for that part, unlike the deep parts she usually gets. Sooyoung has stamina and is now given parts that are easy for her naturally high voice, like Sunny. She has more technique and agility and is rarely offkey now, which is why she gets more parts in THE BOYS album.

    Also popularity = more lines thing is bullcrap. Why ? Yoona is the most popular member of SNSD, yet in Mr. Taxi she barely sings, OSCAR she barely sings, BAD GIRL she barely sings, etc.

    Honestly, I would say, even without being a SONE that all of SNSD is talented actually. Any who says they can’t sing or sound terrible live is probably talking out of their ass and never seen them on Youtube or w/e. As SONE’s we shouldn’t bash any of the girls. And finally, Sooyoung is clearly the best out of the dancers since she gets more parts recently and is the member who covers missing members parts. And also, Sooyoung is pretty much popular in every asian country except for Korea. She’s number 2 in Japan, like 3 in the U.S and Singpore, etc.

    • Yeah. The truth is, SNSD has never failed to please their fans. It’s SME who usualy disappoints fans, even in case of SUJU, etc. When I first saw SNSD, my first thought that SNSD has 6 singers (Tae, Sica, Seo, Fany, Sun, Soo) and 3 dancers (Hyo, Yul, Yoon). Because Soo actually deserves to be a lead vocalists, and just look at the amount of lines she gets in The Boys which absolutely pleasing, especially for Sooyoung’s fans. To be honest though, Soo’s voice is a bit “too soft” and her voice has less energy to do some strong vocal abilities, but she can hit high notes beautifully, and at some point her voice is very similar to Sun, Sica, even Seo. Hopefully Sooyoung developed in every song, like she always does. And fortunately when Yoona didn’t present Soo & Fany are the ones who cover Yoona’s parts.

      For Sunny and Sica’s case, I don’t think Sica is bad at all. Count her lines in The Boys, her lines are more even than Tae’s lines. No wonder she sometimes off tune with all the dancing and singing, and she must hit very high notes near the end of the song, and I must praise that she can maintain her voice in most of the performances, with their tight schedule. In The Boys, even Sunny’s lines (count with Sooyoung’s adlibs) are less than Soo, but in her adlibs “Yes fly high, you fly high” it’s her backtrack sound mostly if she sings live. But maybe it’s true that because Sun moves a lot and still can’t control the dance and sing, as I found it extremely difficult. The Boys choreography looks less recognizable than Hoot, Gee, or anything (RDR is still counted difficult because of more movement also), but it’s complexity, details, and formation is difficult to perform. But SNSD develops a lot from Girls to Goddesses.

  11. so far, the thing i know is that Sunny’s voice is better than Sooyoung’s and I know thats the reality. eventhough sooyoung is more experience (she debuted earlier than the other girls in Japan) and i’m telling you this as sooyoung’s fan. what are you guys talkin about, actually? do you guys think the girls realize ,that the SONEs who they’re proud of, talkin about their ability, their talent? if you guys think you are SONEs, you shouldn’t bash the other girls to protect your bias. comparing the lead vocalists to the lead dancers. hey, just to open up your blinded eyes, Girls Generation is 9 girls that become 1. Girls Generation that I know is NOT 5 lead vocalists and 4 lead dancers, or even 6 vocalists with 3 back dancers and the other suck point-of-view. and all of the girls are pretty famous because of their talent, beautiful faces as the bonus.

    • I want to make things straight by AnilesElyk’s point of view. You know that, The Japanese album brings lots of controversies, Because the 5 main vocalists sing a lot and 4 main dancers don’t get more lines like usual. Maybe it’s that The Japanese Album that makes most SONEs got discriminated for their favorite member, especially the main dancers’ fans. The video below proves that Sooyoung is indeed deserved to be the main vocalist, that most of Sooyoungsters always wish about.

      I know that AnilesElyk didn’t mean to bash other girls, but maybe she’s just telling what she thought about discrimination in Girls’ Generation. To be honest, most of my friends who’ve just known SNSD and know that Sunny is LSM’s niece, they all have the same exact thoughts: “Did Sunny make it to SNSD, becomes the main vocalist with just short time of training just because of she’s LSM’s niece?” I know Sunny’s talent is beyond that, but I poor her to be blamed always because of her status as main vocalist, and status of being LSM’s niece. I’m a huge fan of Sooyoung, and not a huge fan of Sunny. She’s my least favorite one, but doesn’t mean I dislike nor I hate her. :)

      • totally agree with you. that’s actually one of the reasons why i think sunny is a lead vocalist. because of lee so man. i really love sunny, but let’s be honest, she was the member who trained the least before debuting in the group. why was she imediately considered a lead vocalist?

        • You’re SONE, right? You’re SONE but u dont know Sunny was a trainee of other agency bfore she joined SM!! Its like Kyuhyun, who trained least bfore debut. And u see? He’s a main vocal and main dancer in SJ and nobody protest!! It bcause he have talents!! And for Soo, debut earlier than the others not mean that her talents are more than the others!! I love Soo, but its the fact! Sunny’s voice is better than her! And now Yoona, you said that Yoona have more lines just bcause her popularity? Just hear BadGirl, ok?!
          PS: For me, Soo and Yuri’s voice are same.
          >TheBoys, Soo sang more lines.
          >Diamond, Yul sang more lines.
          >Hoot, Soo sang more lines.
          >DearMom, Yul sang more lines

  12. What the heck people!? I was going to comment on how beautiful this song is and then I spot that most of the comments are about how terrible a member is compared to another member. WHAT!!?? Theres a problem with you cuz you instantly turned your hatred of that member and singled her out then FORGOT about the beautiful song that you heard. ???? That makes no sense. Not a true SONE. I’m sorry. But that is just terrible. EVERYONE is amazing. If you were the person who got that member kicked out of SNSD then you would be responsible for ruining GG. Terrible. Terrible.

      • Hahahaha. Okay as a Sooyoungster and as the representative of Sooyoungsters here, I declare this case is closed to prevent further unimportant war between SONEs and to prevent Sooyoung being hated by most of SONEs. SNSD is 9 goddesses, not just 1 by one although every SONE has his/her own favorite member. *dock dock dock* case closed! ^-^

  13. Taeyeon – Main Vocalist/Leader/Sub Dancer
    Jessica- Main Vocalist/Sub Dancer
    Sunny- Lead Vocalist/Sub Dancer
    Tiffany- Lead Vocalist/Main Rapper/Sub Dancer
    Hyoyeon – Sub- Vocalist/Lead Rapper/Main Dancer
    Yuri- Sub- Vocalist/ Lead Rapper/Main Dancer
    Sooyoung- Vocalist/ Lead Rapper/Lead Dancer
    Yoona- Vocalist /Main Rapper/ Main Dancer
    Seohyun- Main Vocalist/Lead Dancer

    SNSD’S singer line

    1. Taeyeon
    2. Jessica
    3. Seohyun
    4. Tiffany
    5. Sunny
    6. Sooyoung
    8. Yuri
    9. Hyoyeon

    Snsd’s dancer line

    1. Hyoyeon
    2. Yuri
    3. Yoona
    4. Sooyoung
    5. Seohyun
    6. Taeyeon
    7. Jessica
    9. Sunny

    snsd’s Rapper line
    1. Yoona
    2. Tiffany
    3. Hyoyeon
    4. Sooyoung
    5. Yuri
    6. Sunny
    7. Seohyun
    9. Taeyeon

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