10cm – 애상 (Sorrow)

Yoon Cheol Jong | Kwon Jung Yeol

mallijima, nae ireon sarangeul
neoman bomyeon, michil geot gateun
i mameul nuga algesseo, wedding dress ibeun
ni gyeote dareun sarami

aljanha, neoreul i torok
sarang hamyeo gidarin nareul
mwoga geuri bappeunji, neomu bogi himdeureo
neon dodaeche, mwo hago dani

geuge anya, iyu neun mud jima
geunyang mid go, gidaryeo juget ni
naege do sarangeul wihan, shigani pilyohae
neol bada deul ilsu itge

il bureo, pi ha neun geoni
munja haedo amu soshik eobtneun neo
shil heumyeon, geun yang shilh dago
soljik hage malhaebwa

mallijima, nae ireon sarangeul
neoman bomyeon, michil geot gateun
i mameul nuga algesseo, wedding dress ibeun
ni gyeote dareun sarami

nan duryeo wo, na boda deo meotjin
geureon namja, niga mannalkka bwa
aniya geureohji anha, jeongmal neo hana ppunya
sok neun sem chigo hanbeon mideo bwa

uyeonhi, neoreul bo atji
dareun namja pum ane neoreul
hanbeon do bolsu eobseot deon, neomu haengbok han miso
nae sarangeun, muneo jyeo beoryeosseo

geuge anya, byeon myeongi anira
geu namja neun, nawan sang gwan eobseo
jamshi na eojireo wo seo, gidaen geot ppuniya
nal ohae haji marajwo

na yeokshi, man heun yeoja deul
mannat daga he eo jyeo do bwat jiman
hamkke beon, e manheun yeoja reul
mannan jeogeun eobseosseo

niga mwonde, nal apeuge hani
neottaemune, sangcheo dwe beorin
nae sarang ije dashi neun, neoye eotteon mannam do
na gateun saram eobeul kkeol

nan duryeo wo, na yeokshi dashi neun
ireon sarang, halsu yeobseul kka bwa
mideul su eobt get jima neun, niga cheot sarang inde
tteona beorimyeon eotteok harago

sarang kkaji neun, bara jido anheul kke
ni gyeote hangsang itge manhae jwo
jebal, jebal


Romanized lyrics by me! Colour coding by me!
So if you take these lyrics, please credit me here!



* Don’t stop me and my love for you
This heart that goes crazy by just looking at you
Who would know?
There might be someone else next to you, wearing a wedding dress

You know how much I loved you and waited for you
Why are you so busy? It’s so hard to see you
What exactly are you doing these days?

No, it’s not like that – please don’t ask
Please just trust me and wait for me
I also need time for love
So that I can accept you

Are you avoiding me on purpose?
I text you but there is no word from you
If you don’t like me, just be honest

* repeat

I’m scared that you will meet
A man that is better than me

No, it’s not like that – I really only have you
Just pretend not to notice and just trust me

I coincidentally saw you in some other guy’s arms
I saw your happy smile that I’ve never seen before
And my love was crumbling down

No, it’s not like that – this isn’t an excuse but
That man has nothing to do with me
I was just a bit dizzy and leaned against him
Please don’t misunderstand

I too, met a lot of woman
And broke up with them but
I’ve never met several of them at once

Who are you to hurt me like this?
Because of you, my love became a scar
From now on, you will never meet someone like me

I’m scared that I won’t ever love like this again
You may not believe me but you’re my first love
So what am I supposed to do if you leave me?

I won’t even expect you to love me back
Just let me always be by your side, please please

Translation Credits: pop!gasa


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