JeA – 그대가 잠든 사이 (While You Were Sleeping)

그대가 잠든 사이

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geusae hayan eolgul
geujo geuman ibsul
nae geudae ga sarang haneun

miwo hamyeon haeng yeo
geudae ganal meolli halkka
nado geunyeoreul bomyeon

saranghae, geu ibsuri naege
malhaneun geot gateunde
tto geunyeo ga utjyo
honja maeum sogeuro, nado nado

sarangeul bada yaman haneun geudae
geujeo naega anin geojyo

amudo mollae, ibyeoreul haetdeon
honjaman ye, gin bamdo isseotjyo
geudael dugoseo, naye maeumeun
pieot da jeomul jyo, geudae ga jamdeun sai e

jeogi geudae ga georeo one, naege insahae
geujeo banga unge anin nareul, hokshi alkka yo
jjalbeun kkum gateun sungan, duri maju seon sungan
uri dulman namgyeo nohgo, hayahke jiwojin sesange urireul

geuryeo bojiman

amudo mollae, ibyeol hagetjyo
honjaman ye, gin bami ogetjyo
geudael dugoseo, naye sarangeun
pieot da jeomul jyo, geudae ga jamdeun sai e

(jal gaji mara yo) jal gara neun heunhan insado
(nan yeogi isseo yo) geojitmari dwelsu do itne yo
(an gwaenchanha yo nan) modeunge gwaenchanhnya mudji ma yo
orae sumgyeo dun maeumi, sseuda jilji do molla

geudae ye eokkae, geudae geurimja
dwit moseubi, deo iksukhan naegen

geudaereul sarang haji anhneun iri, naegen neomu eoryeo wo
baraboji anhneun iri, naegen neomu eoryeowoseo

amudo mollae, sarang hanna yo
jammot deuneun, changga ye bulbit deul
modu jamdeun sae, manheun sarangi
nun tteun bam, dadeul jammot iruna yo

nado jammot iruneunde
nae sarang mot iruneunde
geudae ga jami deun sai

nal kkumeseo mannagil
geudae ga jamdeun sai


Romanized lyrics by me! Colour coding by me!
So if you take these lyrics, please credit me here!



That white face
Those small lips
My dear, she’s the one that you love

In case we grow apart if I hate her
When I see her, I smile as well

I love you
It seems like those lips are speaking to me
But she is smiling again
I say to myself in my heart
“Me too, me too”
You are someone who needs to be loved
But it’s just not me

* Without anyone knowing, I said farewell
During a long night by myself
Because of you, my heart blooms and withers
When you are sleeping

You are walking from over there
You say hello to me
But you’re not excited to see me
Do you know?
That short dream-like moment
The moment we stand face to face
We’re the only ones left
In a world that’s blankly erased
I dream of us in that way

* Repeat

(Don’t go)
Even the common saying of goodbye
(I’m right here)
Can become a lie
(I’m not okay)
Don’t ask if everything is okay
My long-time hidden heart might spill out

Your shoulder
Your shadow
Your back image – I’m more used to those things

Not loving you is too hard for me
Not looking at you is too hard for me

Are you secretly in love?
Looking at the light out the sleepless window
While everyone is asleep, much of the love
Is silently opening its eyes at night
Is everyone not able to fall asleep?

I can’t fall asleep either
My love cannot be fulfilled
While you are asleep

I hope you meet me in your dreams
While you are asleep

Translation Credit: pop!gasa


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